ipl laser tattoo removal machine

Will the effect of laser tattoo wash rebound? Is the postoperative effect natural?

Experts said that laser tattoo washing can remove tattoos, but the effect of laser tattoo washing will be affected by many problems. It is a non-invasive method.

The price of laser tattoo washing is affected by many factors, mainly including the following:

  1. It has a great relationship with the treatment course of laser tattoo washing. Generally speaking, it takes 2-3 times of treatment to achieve the effect of tattoo removal. The price of tattoo removal is different in different hospitals. 2. It has a great relationship with individual tattoo color, area size, tattoo color, tattoo size and depth, which all affect the treatment cost of laser tattoo washing. So we can’t generalize. 3. It has a great relationship with the treatment cycle. The treatment of laser tattoo washing needs to be done by the doctor according to the size, color, range and depth of the tattoo. The general number of laser treatment is one course of treatment. Generally, obvious effects can be seen in three courses of treatment, and after each laser treatment, sufficient moisture and nutrition should be added to the skin to achieve the ideal effect of laser tattoo washing.

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