Will laser tattoo washing have side effects?

The effect of laser tattoo removal is highly selective and does not damage the surrounding normal skin. There are no obvious side effects and scars after laser tattoo washing. Generally, the tattoo can be completely removed after 1-3 times of laser tattoo washing.

The new laser tattoo removal technique can eliminate the tattoo with the lowest side effects, and remove the tattoo by destroying the tattoo color with high-intensity laser spectrum. Black tattoos absorb all wavelengths of laser, so they are easier to remove. Other colors can only be removed by a specific wavelength of laser.

Who is suitable for laser tattoo removal

Because each tattoo is unique, the removal operation must be consistent with everyone’s actual situation. In the past, there were many ways to remove tattoos, but in most cases, scars were more eye-catching than tattoos themselves.

Patients who have previously undergone tattoo removal are also suitable for laser surgery. Tattoos that cannot be effectively removed by other methods and folk prescriptions may respond well to laser surgery, provided that previous surgery does not cause too many scars.

You need to find a reputable clinic or plastic surgery center to ensure proper treatment and care. If possible, ask your personal doctor to recommend a plastic surgery center specializing in laser tattoo removal.

What is the effect of laser tattoo removal

Due to different tattoo sizes and colors, the number of laser tattoo removal operations is also different. Tattoos can be removed by 2-4 laser operations, but more treatment is necessary. You should arrange a consultation for experts to check your overall health and put forward suggestions in all aspects.

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