Who is suitable for laser tattoo washing and how long can it last

Tattoos are deeply loved by young people. They often tattoo some patterns with special significance. Who is suitable for laser tattoo washing? How long can it last?

Who is suitable for laser tattoo washing and how long can it last

Who is laser tattoo suitable for:

Laser tattoo washing surgery is suitable for people with the following characteristics.

  1. Tattoo, lip, eyebrow and eyeliner fail to repair.
  2. People who have the intention of beauty.

Although the vast majority of patients have no problem with this operation, there are still exceptions, so patients must go to the hospital for a detailed examination before they can finally determine the treatment plan.

How long can laser wash tattoos last:

After the laser tattoo washing operation, the operation effect can be maintained for a permanent time.

The essence of laser tattoo washing is a kind of traumatic skin and mucous membrane coloring. It is a permanent beauty technology. Once implemented, it will remain for a long time. It is difficult to modify and eliminate the general methods.

In general, laser tattoos can last forever. If you want to maintain the operation effect for a longer time, you need to pay more attention to nursing, and go to the hospital to see a doctor for review regularly.

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