What’s better about picosecond laser tattoo washing than traditional laser

Tattoos are the needs of many young people who pursue personality and fashion, but sometimes tattoos will affect employment and marriage, so many people need to remove tattoos. So which method is good for tattooing?

What’s better about picosecond laser tattoo washing than traditional laser

With the continuous progress of laser technology, in terms of tattoo washing, picosecond laser is the “Ferrari” in laser beauty and a very ideal tattoo washing instrument. Then, compared with traditional laser tattoo washing, picosecond laser tattoo washing is better than traditional laser?

  1. The pulse duration is short. The difference between picosecond laser and traditional laser is the pulse duration. One picosecond is equal to the negative 12th power of 10. It can release high-intensity pulse light in a short time, quickly break the pigment, and discharge it out of the body through human metabolism to achieve the effect of tattoo washing.
  2. High pigment clearance. Picosecond laser tattoo washing adopts 755nm wavelength, with high specificity of pigment absorption. It can break the pigment into dust like particles, which is convenient for human metabolism and excretion. The pigment clearance rate is high, so the number of treatment courses is less.
  3. Less trauma to the skin. The pulse duration of picosecond laser is very short. When washing tattoos, there is almost no thermal damage to the skin, no damage to the skin, no scars, and the anti black probability after treatment is very low.

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