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What should we pay attention to before and after laser eyebrow washing?

Laser eyebrow washing means that through the millisecond and microsecond super pulse time, the laser can instantly reach the deep layer of the skin through the epidermis of the skin, so that the pigment particles inside the skin can be instantly crushed, and the crushed pigment particles will be swallowed by human macrophages and transported away slowly. This method can completely or partially remove the color on the previous lines, but this method will produce irreparable granulation on people with scar constitution, and most people can’t know whether it is scar constitution before washing their eyebrows.

1、 Precautions before eyebrow washing with laser tattoo removal equipment:

Don’t have all kinds of inflammation in the affected part.

Laser treatment is prohibited during pregnancy.

Clean the affected part and wash it with clean water. No cosmetics can be left.

Patients must take photos before laser treatment to compare the effects after laser treatment.

2、 Precautions after using portable tattoo removal machine:

Transient redness and swelling may occur during treatment and will disappear by itself.

During healing, you can apply antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid secondary infection and direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

The scab falls off about 1 week, and some patients may have normal temporary pigmentation after operation, which will be gradually absorbed.

Before the scab falls off, the treatment area shall not contact water and rub. The scab shall fall off by itself and shall not be forced to fall off.

Avoid spicy, tobacco and wine, as well as dark food, such as coffee, Pepsi, etc.

Do not take part in intense exercise before scab shedding, so as not to cause infection after sweating.

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