What is the price of laser depilation

Summer is a season to show your figure, but some people have too much hair and dare not wear clothes or skirts with their legs exposed. Although there are many hair removal methods commonly used by women, with the development of plastic and beauty industry, laser hair removal has been very common. Laser hair removal is relatively complete. Laser hair removal has been a safe and fashionable hair removal method, which is widely used among urban women in China. But how much is laser hair removal?

It is undeniable that laser hair removal can quickly, safely and permanently remove hairy parts such as hairline, beard, armpit, forearm, upper arm, chest, large and small legs, bikini line and back. Every beauty seeker requires different parts of hair removal, and the approximate cost of laser hair removal in different parts is also different.

So how much is the general laser hair removal on the market? Generally, the cost of depilation through drugs ranges from tens to hundreds. If it is through physical therapy, such as photon, laser, e-light therapy, the cost is generally about 5000-1w. However, we need to remind you that the price of laser hair removal is actually determined according to the location and treatment course of hair removal. Different hair removal parts require different treatment courses. Take axillary hair removal for example. Basically, a treatment course is 3-5 times, so the treatment time of legs or back may be longer, and the price of laser hair removal may be relatively higher.

The price of depilation is related to the way you choose to depilate. The price of each method is different, which depends on your choice. However, no matter which way you choose, you should go to a regular hospital to ensure the safety of the operation.

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