The common functions of laser beauty include tattoo washing and eyebrow tattooing

Now laser therapy is a very powerful existence, which can solve many skin problems. So, what are the common functions of laser beauty? The common functions of laser beauty include tattoo washing and eyebrow tattooing. In fact, moles are normal for us. For some moles that may have lesions, they need to be removed in time. Laser treatment is very good, no pain, quite safe.

The common functions of laser beauty include tattoo washing and eyebrow tattooing

Common functions of laser beauty:

  1. Laser can wash tattoos and eyebrows

Tattoos and eyebrows that do not belong to pigment spots are also pigment problems. If they are in black or blue series, they can be eliminated by laser, but there is no way to deal with the pigment problems of red and yellow.

  1. Remove nevus of Ota

Artificial plant pigment in the dermis, or accidental damage causes pencil lead and iron powder to enter the dermis. The above nevus disease can be removed by laser. The number of times of treatment depends on the depth of pigment. For example, OTA mother spot exists in the dermis, which makes the whole face appear black. The treatment takes 1-2 years. Because the pigment has a certain depth, and the power of the laser is limited, it can not be shot into a very deep degree at one time. The pigment on the surface will absorb the laser first until the pigment on the surface fades, and then carry out the next laser after about 3 months until it is all improved. The treatment should be patient. It is a kind of cumbersome and expensive treatment. It usually heals, but for a long time. Compared with OTA’s mother spot, the lighter coffee spot or freckle usually only needs one laser to solve the problem.

  1. Laser can remove spots

Summer is not suitable for spot removal. Many women will use lasers to remove facial pigment spots and moles. After the successful treatment of pigmented spots, the doctor will require the patient to wear sunscreen after the operation. However, because the light is strong in summer and the ultraviolet radiation is relatively strong, laser speckle removal is usually not recommended at the moment.

Is the effect of laser rejuvenation good?

According to the doctor, the effect of laser skin rejuvenation is very satisfactory. Laser skin rejuvenation and beauty is a kind of achievement of the rapid development of laser technology. At present, this kind of form has been greatly developed and improved. It has been widely used in many non inspection applications in the world, such as photon skin rejuvenation, color skin rejuvenation, composite color skin rejuvenation, e-light skin rejuvenation, etc. now there are more * * * various skin rejuvenation technologies, such as opt light skin rejuvenation, etc. the technology is constantly upgrading and improving, The treatment of skin problems is also more comprehensive.

To sum up, it is the introduction of laser beauty. Targeted treatment can be carried out according to your actual situation. It is suggested to go to a regular hospital, which can reduce the risk.

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