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Several ways to wash tattoos to return to clean skin

It’s better to try tattoos. If you’re too young, you’ll regret it if you don’t want to have tattoos.

Several ways to wash tattoos to return to clean skin

  1. Laser tattoo washing

The laser is injected into the dermis to turn the pigment particles into powder, which is then absorbed and removed by macrophages. If the pattern color of the tattoo is dark, it can be repeated many times and constantly change the wavelength of light, so as to achieve the effect of tattoo washing.

  1. Electrocoagulation

The principle is similar to that of laser. Burn the tattoo with an electric knife, and the pigment falls off with the necrosis of the surface skin.

  1. Skin and soft tissue expansion

The operation is divided into two stages. The very good stage operation is to embed the expansion capsule under the subcutaneous or muscular layer of the normal skin adjacent to the tattoo. The expansion capsule is made by regularly injecting liquid into the capsule, and the surface skin is pulled and expanded to produce “additional” skin for repairing the defect.

  1. Skin grinding

Under local or general anesthesia, use a leather grinder or high-speed dental electric drill to drive the steel sand grinding head to grind the tattoo. It can be used to remove shallow tattoos, but it is difficult to remove tattoos that have reached the deep layer of dermis. In order to obtain better curative effect, the normal skin other than the tattoo pattern should also be properly ground during grinding.

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