How long can laser depilation last?

It is said that the effect of laser hair removal is good, so what are the side effects of laser hair removal? How long can laser depilation last? The side effects of laser hair removal include scar, pain, burning, erythema and pigmentation. Laser hair removal will not grow again after a course of treatment, so it can be maintained for a long time.

What side effects does laser depilation have?

What are the taboos of laser hair removal?

  1. Menstrual women.
  2. Allergic constitution and scar constitution.
  3. Blood diseases and coagulation disorders.
  4. People who depilate by other methods within 6 weeks.
  5. Syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis, skin inflammation and infection.
  6. Patients who have been taking drugs for joint pain and vasodilators.

How did the side effect of laser depilation come from?

  1. Pigmentation: there will be changes in color after skin damage;
  2. Scar: if the blister is large, there may be the risk of leaving scar;
  3. Pain and burning: laser is a kind of heat energy, and the skin will feel pain;
  4. Erythema: if the laser energy is too high or the patient’s constitution is sensitive, erythema or even blisters may appear.

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