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How does axillary laser depilate? What is the principle of laser axillary depilation?

Laser axillary hair removal is a very safe and effective method among many hair removal methods. With the more and more mature technology, this method is more and more favored by the majority of beauty loving women.

Laser axillary hair removal generally has no side effects, but it should be noted that this technology is a high-tech and expensive technology. The success of treatment depends on whether the equipment used is qualified. In addition, because there is no melanin pigment in the hair follicles not in the growth period, it is impossible to inhibit the growth of all hair follicles at one time.

The method of laser axillary hair removal can completely remove the excess hair in the human body and make the skin more delicate. At the same time, because of the high safety factor of laser, there are no side effects, and there will be no pain in the process of hair removal, it is an advanced in the current hair removal technology. The fundamental reason why laser technology can remove hair from axilla is that it can effectively destroy hair follicles and hinder the normal operation of hair growth cycle. After treatment, the damaged hair will fall off by itself. After axillary hair removal treatment, the hair can be completely removed so that it will no longer grow. And the recovery is relatively fast. The effect of axillary depilation treatment is long-term, which completely curbs the long cycle of hair regeneration.

The effect of axillary depilation with laser is ideal, and the safety is very high. The laser will not damage healthy skin and only work on hair follicles, so we don’t have to worry about the safety of axillary depilation. And this method can depilate for a long time, which is an ideal method. Through this laser method, you can see good results. And it will also beautify the skin, so that you can have good skin quality while removing hair.

Because laser hair removal only acts on hair follicles with melanocyte particles, not on sweat glands without melanocyte particles. Only the hair follicles were destroyed, and the sweat glands were not damaged. I hope this is the relationship between hair removal and sweating. Laser hair removal does not affect sweating, laser hair removal does not affect sweating, and laser hair removal does not affect sweating. Say important things three times!

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