How do lasers get tattoos?

At present, the most effective method to remove tattoos is laser therapy: laser tattoo removal can instantly break and explode pigment particles with high energy, and the broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The effect of laser tattoo removal is highly selective and does not damage the surrounding normal skin. There are no obvious side effects and scars after laser tattoo washing. Generally, the tattoo can be completely removed after 1 ~ 3 times of laser tattoo washing.

How do lasers get tattoos?

The new frequency doubled Q-switch laser for tattoo removal. The laser emitted by it can enter the diseased part very smoothly for treatment. During tattoo washing treatment, the laser energy is concentrated on the pigment particles, which are directly gasified or broken. The broken pigment particles are discharged from the body through the lymphoid tissue, while the surrounding normal tissue absorbs less of the selected laser wavelength, so that the color of the tattoo disappears. This regression can be seen at the time of laser tattoo washing.

Generally speaking, the effect of shallow tattoo treatment is obvious once or even completely eliminated, but most of them usually need multiple laser tattoo treatment. Because the effect of treatment is very much related to the nature of the dye. The dye grains of the eyebrow lines are finer and the composition of the dye is more pure, so the treatment effect is remarkable.

The tattoo, because the use of prickle dyes are mostly ordinary ink, not only coarse particles, and impurities, so the treatment is more difficult than eyebrow and eye lines, usually need multiple laser tattoo treatment, some patients may need long time tattoo treatment. In addition, color tattoo washing is also more difficult than ordinary, requiring more treatment times. The interval between two laser tattoo washing treatments is three months.

There are great individual differences in the body’s response to laser treatment. In addition, each patient’s condition is light and heavy, so there are great individual differences in the number of treatments per person. Due to the characteristics of Asian skin, individual patients may have pigmentation. Usually, doctors will take preventive measures to avoid pigmentation to reduce the occurrence of pigmentation. Even if individual patients have color restlessness, they will disappear within a few months without special treatment.

Special attention: because this laser tattoo washing does not damage the skin, there are no spots after tattoo washing treatment, but some people with scar constitution may have scar reaction. Therefore, before tattoo washing treatment, the doctor should ask about the individual differences in the body’s response to laser treatment, and the patient should also tell the doctor about this situation.

In addition, it should be warned that when removing tattoos, you must choose a regular hospital, and the plastic surgeon will choose the most suitable laser wavelength according to the actual situation, so as to achieve the ideal effect.

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