Eyebrow washing with laser is safe, painless and easy

Since ancient times, eyebrows have been very representative of men and women, which can reflect a person’s character, backbone, tenderness, masculinity and so on. The eyebrows lose harmony due to eyebrow shaping and other reasons. Laser eyebrow washing can make the eyebrow glow again.

Type V2 laser eyebrow uses the latest generation of solid state gem laser, and outputs two wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm laser. It can remove black, blue, brown and red four colors. It is used for eyebrow cleaning, eye liner cleaning, tattoo removal, tattoo removal, and red pigment allergy elimination.

The principle of laser eyebrow washing and pigment removal is to use the high energy instantaneously emitted by the laser to make the irradiated pigment particles absorb energy, expand and rupture, part of them split into smaller fragments and excrete out of the body, and part of them are macrophagocytized by the human body and excreted through the lymphatic system, so as to remove the pigment. Because the normal tissue does not absorb the 1064nm laser, it maintains the integrity of the cell framework and has no conditions to form scars. This is incomparable to any other method at present.

It is precisely because laser depigmentation does not damage normal tissues, so its safety ensures that customers will not be troubled by complications after laser eyebrow washing to the greatest extent.

Performance of laser eyebrow washing:

Highly integrated, all solid state design, eliminating complex optical transmission system, stable and reliable performance and higher efficiency. The three buttons realize all functions and are easy to operate. The computer counts automatically, which is convenient for effective scientific management. Portable belt design makes it easy to carry out itinerant treatment. Elegant appearance design and small volume save valuable space for customers.

Laser eyebrow washing has eight characteristics:

1) Laser eyebrow washing does not damage skin and hair follicles, does not produce scars, and only removes pigment.

2) Laser eyebrow washing can remove the pigment that cannot be removed by drugs or other methods.

3) The guest has little pain, and most guests do not need anesthesia.

4) It recovers quickly and has little impact on normal work.

5) After laser eyebrow washing, the reaction is small, and the slight swelling subsides within a few days.

6) Laser sterilization, no cross infection, no special treatment environment.

7) Laser eyebrow washing is simple, convenient and easy to master.

8) Guests are easy to accept, the source of disease is wide, and the return on investment is efficient. Laser eyebrow washing is safe, saving time and pain for customers.

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