Does laser wash tattoo have sequelae? What are the precautions

Tattoo has become a symbol of the past. Nowadays, tattoo is no longer popular and has an impact on work and life. Therefore, many people choose laser tattoo washing. Is there any sequelae of laser tattoo washing? What are the precautions? Let’s take a look at the introduction below. 1、 Does laser wash tattoo have sequelae? 1. Pigmentation: pigmentation after laser tattoo washing belongs to secondary pigmentation after inflammation, which is related to excessive postoperative strict irradiation. 2. Superficial scar: during the process of laser tattoo washing, the treatment dose or repeated irradiation in the treatment area, resulting in too high temperature of the cooling head and insufficient cooling of the skin. If there is scar, it needs to be treated in time. 3. Infection: it is forbidden to scratch behind the laser tattoo. If there is ulceration and sewage due to scratching by hand, the infection may have occurred and needs to be treated as soon as possible. 4. Pruritus: the sequelae of laser tattoo washing is relatively few. If there is pruritus after operation, it indicates that the wound is healing, but there is also the possibility of infection. 2、 What are the precautions for laser tattoo washing? 1. If the skin has inflammation, ulceration, wound, etc., laser tattoo washing is not allowed. 2. Laser treatment is prohibited during pregnancy. The treated parts need to be cleaned with clean water and no cosmetics can be left. 3. After laser tattoo washing, there will be a brief redness and swelling reaction, which will disappear after a period of time. 4. After laser tattoo washing, scabs will form, and the scab will fall off in about a week. Some patients will have temporary pigmentation, which will slowly subside in 1-3 months. 5. After laser tattoo washing, do not touch the treatment area, so that the scab will fall off automatically, and do not peel off forcibly. 6. After laser tattoo washing, it is forbidden to eat foods that stimulate face washing, such as soy sauce, coffee, coke, etc. 7. Do not do strenuous exercise after laser tattoo washing, so as not to pollute the wound with sweat.

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