Do you have any anxiety about laser hair removal

Smooth and beautiful skin everyone wants to have. In this season when a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred birds contend, many women are scrambling to show their attractive legs and arms. However, there are also some women who choose laser hair removal because they can’t show their annoying hair, but at the same time, the anxiety comes again. Do you have the five anxiety of laser hair removal?

  1. Does laser hair removal affect perspiration? Some netizens will ask, laser hair removal is done by destroying hair follicles, so will laser hair removal affect perspiration? In fact, sweat is not discharged from hair follicles. It is produced through sweat glands and seeps out of the skin surface, which is not directly related to hair follicles. Therefore, beauty seekers do not have to worry about whether laser hair removal will affect perspiration.
  2. How painful is laser depilation? Laser hair removal is a hair removal method with less pain among all hair removal methods. The results of many clinical trials show that the feeling of most beauty seekers is just the feeling of “being bounced by a rubber band”. Laser hair removal will cool the skin at the same time. There are many ways and principles of cooling, but they are at a temperature of about 4 °. The freezing point hair removal publicized by many plastic hospitals makes you no longer feel pain. In fact, they are far from 0 °.
  3. Can laser depilation burn the skin? Since the laser is a kind of thermal light source, improper operation or unqualified laser instrument may burn the skin. Large hospitals can avoid this kind of hair removal completely. First of all, large plastic surgery hospitals have a well-known team of doctors who are skilled in laser hair removal.
  4. Does laser depilation have radiation? Laser, when we first heard the word, always associated it with radiation. Does laser depilation have radiation? Laser is not a kind of radiation material. It belongs to laser light source. It destroys hair follicles through the action of light and heat to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Radiation generally comes from some kind of material or electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic wave and laser are not the same thing. Those seeking beauty should not go into misunderstanding.
  5. The best season for laser hair removal? Laser treatment is not needed in spring and winter, so it is not necessary to recover the wound in autumn and winter. However, depilation experts suggest that you better choose the spring and autumn season for laser depilation, because laser depilation needs to be carried out 3 to 5 times to achieve the effect of long-term depilation. If you choose the spring and autumn season for depilation, you can wear suspender skirts in summer without fear.

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